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This is the place to look-up mixing impeller types from many vendors.  If you are a mixing vendor, a mixing rep, or a graphic artist and you would like to see your impeller photos or CAD drawings here, with links to your site, please email us and let us know. Also let us know if you see your impeller here, but you name it differently. Information about these impeller designs will also be added below each picture, if available, and referenced to the source of that data. Turbulent data is quoted here for fully baffled conditions, unless noted. There will be a link to another page if more data is available.

Without baffles, most impellers styles impose a tangential flow pattern. With baffles, most impellers show their true flow characteristics. Impellers are sorted here by the flow patterns they were intended to create, radial flow impellers and axial flow impellers. Click on any of these images for a larger picture. If you can't find your impeller design here, see if it is stored under Special Impellers . Impeller design data includes impeller dimensions, number of blades, turbulent power number, turbulent flow number, and impeller synonyms. If you see a More Data link, click on it for flow pattern information and possibly non-turbulent power numbers (Np), flow numbers (Nq) and discharge angles as a function of Reynold's Number (Re).

Radial Impellers

Axial Impellers

Rush Turbine RT3 Rush Turbine RT4
  • RT3
  • Rushton Turbine with 3 blades
  • Np=3.3, Nq=0.62* D/T=0.33, wB/T=1/12
  • Np=3.4, Nq=0.62* D/T=0.33, wB/T=0.1
  • More Data
  • RT4
  • Rushton Turbine with 4 blades
  • Np=4.3, Nq=0.68* D/T=0.33, wB/T=1/12
  • Np=4.4, Nq=0.68* D/T=0.33, wB/T=0.1
  • More Data

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

  • PR-D and PR-U
    • Chemineer AP-3
    • Lightnin A100 and A110
  • Propeller - Down-pumping and Up-pumping
  • Np=0.32 for 1.0 pitch, D/T=0.35, wB/T=0.1
  • Np=0.36 for 1.0 pitch, D/T=0.22, wB/T=0.1
  • Np=0.62 for 1.5 pitch, D/T=0.22, wB/T=0.1
  • Np=1.00 for 2.0 pitch, D/T=0.31, wB/T=0.1
  • Np=1.35 for 2.5 pitch, D/T=0.22, wB/T=0.1
  • Note:  Subtract 0.01 from Np for wB/T=1/12
  • More Data

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Rush Turbine RT5 Rush Turbine RT6
  • RT5
  • Rushton Turbine with 5 blades
  • Np=5.4, Nq=0.73* D/T=0.33, wB/T=1/12
  • Np=5.4, Nq=0.73* D/T=0.33, wB/T=0.1
  • More Data

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

  • 4PBT-D and 4PBT-U
    • Chemineer P-4
    • Lightnin A200
  • Pitched blade turbine - Down-pumping and Up-pumping with 4 blades
  • Np=1.27, Nq=0.79
  • More Data
  • 6PBT-D
  • Pitched bladed turbine - Down-pumping with 6 blades

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Rush Turbine RT8 Rush Turbine RT12
  • RT8
  • Rushton Turbine with 8 blades
  • Np=7.8, Nq=0.82* D/T=0.33, wB/T=1/12
  • Np=7.8, Nq=0.82* D/T=0.33, wB/T=0.1
  • More Data
  • RT12
  • Rushton Turbine with 12 blades
  • Np=9.9, Nq=0.89* D/T=0.33, wB/T=1/12
  • Np=10.0, Nq=0.90* D/T=0.33, wB/T=0.1
  • More Data

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Lightnin A6000
  • Lightnin A6000 (down-pumper)
  • Advanced fiber reinforced composite, utilizing highly corrosion resistant plastic matrix, with proplets
  • Lightnin A6100 (down-pumper)
  • Like the A6000 without proplets
  • Np=0.23, Nq=0.59

Impellers courtesy of K. McDermott

  • RP2
  • Paddle with 2 blades
  • No disk (disc)
  • RP4
    • Lightnin R200
  • Paddle with 4 blades
  • No disk (disc)
  • Np=3.4, Nq=0.62*

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Lightnin A310 Lightnin 310 Lightnin A310

Impellers courtesy of K. McDermott and P. Csiszar

  • RP6
  • Paddle with 6 blades
  • No disk (disc)

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Chemineer HE-3

Impellers courtesy of Chemineer

Lightnin R300 Lightnin R300 impeller-3s

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

A312grid.jpg (72187 bytes)
  • Lightnin A312
  • Impeller mainly for side entry applications
Lightnin R320: Bottom Lightnin R320: Top
  • Curved bladed pumper
    • Lightnin R320
    • Philadelphia Mixers CBT-6
  • Pumper impeller used for solvent extraction mixer settlers
  • 6-curved blades on one side of disk
  • CFD study

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Lightnin A320: down-pumper Lightnin A320: up-pumper
Lightnin R130
  • RS6
    • Chemineer CD-6
    • Lightnin R130
    • Philadelphia Mixers Smith Turbine
    • Hayward Gordon RDC
  • Np=3.2, Nq=0.61*
  • More Data

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Lightnin A315: down-pumper Lightnin A315: up-pumper
Chemineer BT-6


Lightnin R510

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Lightnin R500

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

Experimentally derived Np and Nq values coming soon!

Using the 1/3 power rule to estimate Nq from Np.

Specialty Impellers

Anchor Anchor
  • Anchor

Impellers courtesy of P. Csiszar

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