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About: Pete Csiszar

Pete Csiszar

If you haven't noticed by now, if it wasn't for Pete, the Post Mixing Website would be pretty bland. Pete has done most of the artistic work for Post Mixing. Pete and Tom go back a long time to the glory days of Lightnin and British Columbia visiting mining towns in out-of-the way places and hitting the bars in Vancouver. On April 9, 2003 Pete asked Tom for some free consulting on a gas-liquid bio-chemical invention of his. In return Pete would liven up the Post Mixing Site with some schematics. And look what he has done, and it keeps on coming! Pete and Tom (Sept 2003) collaborated on the Process Intensifier Paper for the AIChE Annual Meeting. After Pete's long stint in Australia, working for Lightnin, Tom and Pete finally met again in Vancouver in June 2010. And with his move to the Toronto area in Sept. 2010, they will be nearly neighbors. We are wishing Pete all the best in his new endeavor and we hope he can find some free time to continue giving us illustrations to poplulate Post Mixing.

If you are anywhere in the world, and you like any of the mixing ideas you see here at Post Mixing, Pete can have it built for you. If you like his graphics and would like something customized for your project or your website, let Pete know

When the timing is right, Pete will announce his bio-chemical invention, which in our opinion a barge full of them would have been ideal for the BP clean-up. We will let you know here, and on the Webs Update page when he is ready to disclose it. If you are interested in more about Pete Csiszar, please have a look at his resume .

Photo of Pete Csiszar

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