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Data on the Impellers

Data Reference
  • Np and Nq of several Lightnin impellers: A6000, A310, A200 or PBT, C102, A315, C104, R100 or RT6, R510 or bar turbine, and R500 or sawtooth
  • Maximum and average shear rates and shear rate correlations for A200 or PBT, R100 or RT6, and A310
Comparison of Mass Transfer Characteristics of Radial and Axial Flow Impellers, R.J. Weetman and J.Y. Oldshue, 6th European Conference on Mixing, Pavia, Italy, ISBN 0 947711 33 3, May 24-26, (1988)
  • Np and Nq of Lightnin A315, R100 or RT6
  • Maximum and average shear rates for Lightnin A315
  • K-factor of Lightnin A310, A315, A200 or PBT-D, R100 or RT6
Process/Mechanical Design Aspects for Lightnin A315 Agitators in Minerals Oxidation, R.J. Weetman, Randol Gold 1993, Beaver Creek, USA, (1993), pp. 247-253
  • Np and Nq of Lightnin A320 and C104 =f(viscosity), Re
  • Flow discharge angles for A320 and A200 or PBT-D
  • Mixing and blending times for A320 and A200 or PBT-D
The Use of Fluidfoil Impellers in Viscous Mixing Applications, R.J. Weetman and C.K. Coyle, AIChE 1989 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA, Nov. 5-10, (1989)
  • Np of 3,4,5,6,8,10, an 12 bladed Rushton Turbines =f(viscosity, Re, geometry, baffles)
  • Np of 3-bladed propellers with 1,1.5,2, and 2.5 pitch =f(viscosity, Re, geometry, baffles)
Power Characterisitcs of Mixing Impellers, Part II , J.H. Rushton, E.W. Costich, and H.J. Everett, Chem. Eng. Prog., Vol 46, No.9, (1950), pp. 467-476
  • Np of Chemineer HE-3 and PBT.
  • Maximum liquid levels for HE-3, PBT, RT4 and RT6
  • Mixing rate constants for above impellers and =f(viscosity, Re) for HE-3
  • Nq for HE-3
  • Heat transfer coefficients for above impellers
Advanced impeller geometry boosts liquid agitation , J.B. Fasano, A. Bakker, and W.R. Penney, Advanced Liquid Agitation, Chemineer, May (1999) reprinted with permission from Chemical Engineering
  • Np of RS6
  • Np of BT-6 =f(viscosity and gas rate)

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