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Impeller image courtesy of Chemineer

The HE-3 or HE3 is a patented impeller by Chemineer. It has 3 blades and is called by Chemineer a high-efficiency impeller. It is considered an axial flow impeller, because under turbulent conditions the discharge of the fluid is parallel to the shaft (0 degrees).

Turbulent Power Number Np=0.22 and Flow Number Nq=0.47 for D/T=0.4

Re Np Nq Theta N Notes (table values valid for D/T = 0.4)
100 .67 .293   (theta N) needs to be calculated from the data
300 .39 .346    
1000 .30 .407    
3000 .27 .444    
10000 .26 .466    
100000 .24 .474    
turbulent .22 .472    

There is much more data on several impeller types in this article, and this page will be updated.

Reference: The data above was extrapolated from graphs in the reference and is valid for D/T=0.4. The reference includes data for D/T=0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5, with OB/T=1/3.

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