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Flow Patterns

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This nomenclature is used at Post Mixing to describe flow patterns under turbulent conditions.

  • U = axial up flow or up-pumping or up draft. This is up the shaft and down the walls.
  • D = axial down flow or down-pumping or down draft. This is down the shaft and up the walls.
  • R = radial flow. This is a cylindrical jet spreading out from the impeller. Some of it goes up the wall and some of it goes down the walls.
  • 1 = extreme radial. The flow is perpendicular to the shaft (tank axis).
  • 3 = extreme axial. The flow is generated by a hydrofoil of fluidfoil and is very axial.
  • 2 = mixed flow direction. The flow has components of both axial and radial flows.

The determination of Proximity Factors requires knowledge of the flow or pumping direction of the impellers.


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