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Macro Level Mixing

Physical Processing

Physical Processing illustrates the physical degree of uniformity in mixing. This degree of uniformity can often be seen with the naked eye or be measured by a physical technique. This is why it is described as a macro level process.

Click on any of the buttons in this table to get some examples of processes that are affected by mixing on the macro level.

Physical Processing
Macro - level
Phase Properties
Pumping - Flow Patterns Fluid Motion
Blending - Mixing Times Miscible Liquids
Emulsification - Dispersion Liquid - Liquid
Suspension - Solids Distribution Liquid - Solid
Dispersion - Flooding - Boiling Liquid - Gas
Combinations of the above Liquid - Solid - Gas

Other Examples:

Aeration, low and high viscosity mixing, fluid shear, shear rate, velocity gradient, velocity profile, shear stress, turbulence, uniform suspension, blend time, flow, head, shear, swirling, flooding, fillets, filleting, solids uniformity, flow-controlled operations, circulation pattern, physical contacting, pumping capacity, flow number, power number, head number, impeller flow rates, primary flow, top-to-bottom motion, minimum fluid motion, turbulence regimes, laminar, transitional, turbulent flow, Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow, pseudoplastic fluids, process viscosity, close-clearance mixing, temperature uniformity, terminal settling velocity of the particles, hindered settling solids, degree of suspension, complete on-bottom motion, complete off-bottom motion, complete uniformity, solids distribution, geysering, gas hold-up, degree of dispersion, minimum gas dispersion, k-factor, sparging, power consumption, surface aeration.


Flue gas desulfurization, petroleum crude oil storage tanks, solids wet out, paint industry, pigments, resins, polymers, polymerization, phosphoric acid attack tanks, solvent extraction, mineral bio-leaching and bio-oxidation, BIOX, agitated leaching, flotation, waste water, mud mixing, draft-tube aerators, mammalian cell cultures, media preparation, Terephthalic acid oxidizers, precipitation, rubber dissolving, food processing.

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