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"If it doesn't scale-up, you have a mixing problem!"

That new product is ready to launch.  You want it to succeed right away.  A bad first batch can cost thousands of dollars and your boss will certainly not appreciate it.  Why not have a mixing expert audit your plans.

Key Benefits

  • Fewer missed batches/runs
  • Quicker to production phase means less time and cost
  • Less waste to dispose of and less clean-up
  • Minimize your frustration level
  • Logical experimental plan instead of trial-and-error
  • Learning how to think "scale-down"
  • A better understanding of what it takes to scale-up successfully


Listen, Learn, and Plan

We will have a meeting in which you describe your process and your experiments and trials in confidence. Post Mixing will run an analysis of your information and come up with a plan.  We may have a quick solution because we serve so many different industries and we may have seen something similar before. Or your situation may be quite unique. If we don't think we can help you, we will let you know right away.

Analysis of the mixing capabilities at your plant

The solution to scale-up requires a rigorous analysis of your plant mixing capabilities.  We need to understand the mixing characteristics of your reactors. Thinking scale-down is key.  We can supply you with a spreadsheet questionnaire to fill out, or we can do it ourselves, either on-site, by phone, or by email. You may be surprised to learn what affects mixing beyond the mixer!

Experimentation and data acquisition

The plan may call for additional experimentation to answer questions that are unresolved.  We believe that this is better done on small-scale then in the plant. It is cheaper to make mistakes with 30 liters than with 30,000 liters. We will put an experimental plan together along with the objectives. Post Mixing can perform the experiments for you at your site (we have experienced technicians) or you can do them yourselves. Dr. Post was a VP of R&D and knows what to measure and how to get the most out of experiments.

The scale-up implementation

Our goal is to come to a successful scale-up at the lowest possible cost to you.  Where many consultants and industrial reps will suggest new mixing equipment (probably from the companies they represent) to solve the situation, Post Mixing will try everything else first.  A solution maybe as simple as moving the feed point of one of the reactants.  We may suggest moving the impellers to different locations or use different impellers.  Maybe your system is throttled and we need to widen the inlets and/or outlets.  Every project is different and so are their solutions.  Often, though, the lab-scale mixer is so overpowered that you will never be able to match that in the plant.  If the experimentation shows a limitation in regard to power input, changing the mixer maybe the only recourse.  If that is not an option we can discuss changing the process parameters to accommodate the plant capabilities.

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