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Mixer/Tank/Reactor Inventory

It is interesting just how little we know about our mixing capabilities and the tanks that hold our products. An inventory contains all of the important information regarding the mixers and tanks and the mixing capabilities of them.

Have an expert compile all of the important data of your reactors and mixers and store them in one place.  The program can be written in Microsoft Excel 2000 or 2002 with VBA routines, or with Quattro Pro 9 using PerfectScript or VBA routines. In spreadsheet format, all reactors of a company can be easily compared, and the data can be easily transferred into other applications. The program has several checks to make sure the input data is correct and within reasonable limits.

The inventory contains information about the reactor, orientation, inlets, outlets, internals, externals, the impellers and the ranges of operation. The list is comprehensive. You would be amazed what affects mixing! Two reactors with identical equipment can even have different mixing performances if the two reactors are just mirror images of each other.

Three methods to gather the data:

  1. Post Mixing makes an onsite inventory of the equipment. This is done my conducting interviews with key maintenance and operations people, consulting of drawings, and direct measurement of reactors.
  2. Post Mixing creates the template of the inventory and emails it to you. You fill in the blanks, return the inventory, and have Post Mixing check for any obvious omissions or errors (such as typos).
  3. You send copies of drawings, spreadsheets, and other data sources to Post Mixing and have us find the pertinent data and fill out the inventory.

This inventory is the basis for a comprehensive analysis of your reactors, tailor-made for your processes. Or create your own spreadsheet programs using this inventory as your source of data.

Have you ever wondered why one of your reactors always outperforms the others? Have you ever wondered why one is always worse. A reactor inventory is a great place to start your investigation of why.

Key Benefits

  • This can put some order to your arsenal of reactors and mixers.
  • All of the important information is in one spot.
  • This is a necessary basis for a good sound analysis of the mixing going on in the reactors.
  • Program allows for easy comparison.
  • This kind of reactor audit, may surprise you about changes in the equipment long forgotten or not updated on your drawings.
  • The Excel or Quattro format makes it convenient to import and export data to other programs used in your company.

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