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Extra Hands

Everyone can use some extra hands occasionally

You operate on a need-to-have basis and you have a minimum of personnel or everyone is just too busy doing other projects. You know that new product launch is going to need more people soon and you don't have them. You also know that this peak demand won't last very long. You need some extra help right now. Post Mixing can get you experienced technicians, service mechanics, engineers, and scientists to help out when there is a temporary peak demand on human resources.

Key Benefits

  • No need to hire people, we have qualified technicians and service mechanics
  • No need to go to a temporary agency that might not be able to deliver the skill sets you are looking for
  • Our people are tops in their respective fields and know mixing and reactions
  • Dr. Post will personally supervise their activities



These associates have been in the mixing business most of their lives with a combined knowledge of over 50 years. They have worked in plants and in an R&D environment. No need to spend years training new hires. These guys know what they are doing the moment they set foot in your facility.

Service Mechanics

Hard to find someone that really knows how to service a gearbox, seals, motors, steady bearings, and more? Why ask a mixer manufacturer to do this when you could have someone do it without trying to pressure you into purchasing specific equipment upgrades and parts.  We have experience in portables and heavy units. We can also make heavy parts and lab-scale mixing equipment.

Engineers and Scientists

You need people to take data, analyze it and come up with real benefits for your company.  We have people on call that know their stuff. Dr. Post will personally supervise their activities, if he is not the one doing it himself.

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