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About: Tom Post

Tom Post
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Citizenship: American and Swiss
Languages: English and German and some Swedish


I have been very active in researching the influence of fluid mixing on the selectivity of chemical reactions, heat and mass transfer, scale-up, solids suspension, gas-liquid-solid contactors, liquid-liquid dispersions, power requirements, fluid flow patterns in stirred tanks and motionless mixers. Other specialties include the electrochemical method and separations technologies such as distillation and large-scale chromatography. I have more than 40 publications, countless presentations, 4 patents, and co-authored one book in the above mentioned fields. I am proficient in the use of IBM-PC type computers, MS-DOS, Windows (all flavors except NT) and networking and many of the leading software programs. I can manage people well, whether in English or German. My greatest strength is being able to listen and find solutions to mixing and chemical process problems quickly. I have given mixing seminars in over 30 countries.


2000-present: Post Mixing (formerly ConsultDrPost), Pittsford, NY 14534

Consultant and specialist optimizing mixing and chemical processes. Presented several 3-day continuing education courses at University of Toronto. Provided consulting services for several companies in the areas of mining, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and general chemistry. Most of my clients enjoy complete confidentiality, and therefore the names of their companies are not mentioned here.

1995-2000: LIGHTNIN, Rochester, NY 14611

Vice President of Mixing Technology: Responsible for leading LIGHTNIN, the world leader in mixing technology, in discovering new mixing technologies and better uses of existing technologies and being LIGHTNIN’s spokesperson on mixing issues at conferences. Discovered and patented better ways to produce copper and other base metals through liquid-liquid solvent extraction. Turned the mixing world upside-down by industrializing and optimizing up-pumping technology, which has been particularly beneficial for fermentation, hydrogenation, and crystallizers. Provided assistance to LIGHTNIN’s affiliates, licensees, and representatives around the world, including a 2-month visit to China, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. Negotiated the largest contract for LIGHTNIN with a mining company in South Africa: more than $80 Million US over the first 5 years. Traveling approximately 30% of the time to over 35 countries.

1997-1999: LIGHTNIN, Rochester, NY 14611

Vice President of R&D: Responsible for the management of 6 engineers, 6 technicians and a secretary, an annual budget exceeding $2.5 Million US., and utilization and upkeep of all labs, including the Laser Lab and Process Technology Lab. Part of LIGHTNIN’s executive team reporting directly to the president. Provided support on projects, sales, and service. Most notable was a $12 Million Wastewater project. Head of the project review board for funding and supporting new projects and products.

1993-1995: LIGHTNIN, Rochester, NY 14611

Principal Research Engineer: Responsible for mixing research on projects up to $2 Million. Responsible for 1 lab and 1 technician. Recipient of the James Oldshue Award for Mixing Excellence in 1995.

1990-1993: Turbo-LIGHTNIN, Munich, Germany

Director of R&D: Responsible for creating a lab and R&D presence at our new facility in Germany (formerly Turbo-Mueller). Designed a complete mixing lab from scratch in less than 6 months. Responsible for 1 engineer and 1 technician. Preformed experiments for European clients. Optimized cluster and symmetrical side-entry mixing arrangements for Flue-Gas Desulphurization. Reported directly to the Geschaeftsfuehrer. Mixing courses held at the Technical University of Frankfurt.

1987-1990: LIGHTNIN, Rochester, NY 14611

Senior Research Engineer: Responsible for process related mixing research. Most notable accomplishments: development of gas-liquid sizing model, characterization of the A315, fermentation optimization, introduction of computer aided data acquisition, and standardized usage of DO-probes.

1983-1986: SmithKline & French Laboratories, Swedeland, PA 19479

Associate Senior Investigator: Responsible for improving selectivity and scale-up of new drug projects by utilizing my expertise in mixing and synthetic organic chemistry which resulted in a patent and yearly cost savings of $1.5 Million US. Responsible as technical leader in the pilot-lab for the scale-up of reactions and purifications. Introduced batch vacuum distillation to SK&F. Proficient user of analytical equipment such as GC, HPLC, RI, IR and NMR. Consultant to Johnson & Mathey, Philadelphia.

1980-1982: Technicum Winterthur Ingenieurschule, HTL, Winterthur, Switzerland (Technical Engineering College of Winterthur)

Assistant Professor of "Technical Chemistry": Courses and lab workshops titled "Infrastructure of Chemical Plants" and "Fluid Dynamics". My style of teaching resulted in the largest number of undergraduates choosing Chemical Engineering as their major in the history of the program.


Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zuerich, Switzerland (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)

1978-1983: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, February 1983. Dissertation title: "Geometrical influences on local and total mass and heat transfer in an agitated tank", Diss. ETH No. 7249. Dissertation advisor was Professors J.R. Bourne and N. Ibl. The unique electrochemical reactor was designed and built by myself in the mechanical workshop.

1974-1978: Diploma in Chemical Engineering (equivalent to a M.S.), October 1978. Thesis: "Fluid dynamics of a multi-stage, mechanically stirred column" (in German), Diploma No. 3798. Thesis advisors: J.R. Bourne and I.J. Dunn. In addition to the required courses, also took Analytical Methods in Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Swedish and the Art of Making and Enjoying Wine. Editor of HUNDAZON, the Chemistry department’s newsletter (in German).


1972-1982: Mountain Infantry Corporal: Swiss Army Boot Camp (1972), Reserve duty 1973-1982 one month every year


World travel, photography and film, computers and programming, skiing, mountain hiking, camping, wine. Click to hear my favorite song.

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