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Process Optimization

Is your process running at peak performance?

Most processes require that chemicals are mixed prior to a reaction. Many processes are not running at peak performance because the mixing has been neglected or designed incorrectly.  You know the yield and purity of your end product can be better based on lab results. Don't do it based on trial and error. Get unbiased expert help.

You have taken "tons" of data, and you are now looking for the preverbal needle in the haystack, but you just can't find it. You know that you can get a higher yield and higher purity, but its just not happening. Process optimization is similar to troubleshooting, except that there is not a production demand and a rush to find an immediate answer. This is R&D. Post Mixing can help with with the experimental plan, the experimentation, the data acquisition, the analysis and the optimization. With a mixing expert on your team, you should be able to optimize that process sooner.

Key Benefits

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