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We are hoping to soon have better descriptions of coils inside a tank.  These coils are designed to either heat or cool the tank contents. There are 3 major types of coils inside a tank.

  • Helical Coils
  • Vertical Coils
  • Plate Coils

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Internal Helical Coils

This is a schematic of the inside of a typical vertical tank. The copper looking structure is the helical coil. The spacing of the pipe has been exaggerated to show the insides of the tank. Usually this spacing is about 1 to 2 pipe diameters. The rest of the internals is described on the Nomenclature Page.

Courtesy of P. Csiszar

External Helical Coils

Heating and cooling coils can also be on the outside of a tank.

Here is an example of a tank with half pipe coils on the outer wall of the tank.

Jürgen Reinemuth,
Pfaudler Werke

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