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PBT Mixing

Blending of two miscible fluid layers with a PBT

The upper (red) layer of this Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) or Computational Fluid Mixing (CFM) simulation is about 10% of the total volume. Each frame takes one second in real time. It takes about 25 seconds for this vessel to be mixed.

This mixing example is exactly the same as the one shown as an example of a CFD product that Post Mixing offers, except that the fluid to be mixed in here is originally at the top of the batch or on the surface, while the other example has the fluid on the bottom of the tank.

All parameters are otherwise the same. It is interesting to look at the differences. Click here to view the other example and compare for yourself.

This example is typical for so many industrial process conditions where the reactants are added to the surface.  It is interesting just how the fluid is pulled down in through a vortex (tornado-like) manner around the shaft. The pitched bladed turbine doesn't have the smooth axial flow pattern that a hydrofoil impeller has, and you can see how the red fluid stalls as it reaches the impeller zone. You can clearly see the radial component of the flow.

It is also interesting to note that the last area of mixing is once again behind the baffles and along the corner of the flat bottom tank. It almost looks like a fillet of solids.

PBT Mixing
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