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This is a continuation of the Process Intensifier - Optimization with CFD: Part 1 paper.

There are lots of results waiting for you to look at and they will allow you to come to your own conclusions. Compare them with our conclusions! Look above under the Results banner. Click on any of those links and learn more about that specific sub-topic. They are in the order that we think they should be discussed, so if you skip directly to RTD (Residence Time Distributions) or SRD (Shear Rate Distribution) you may be missing some background information from the previous sections. But go ahead. We will have plenty of links to back to those important spots.

If you want to go through this in order, there will be a link at the bottom of each page bringing you to the text topic, or bringing you back to this spot or the title page (just in case you get lost and don't know where you are anymore). Topics at the same level are also listed in the navigational links at the bottom of each page. Sub-topics of any topic are always found under the banners at Post Mixing.

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