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This is a continuation of the Process Intensifier - Optimization with CFD: Part 1 paper.

Using the power numbers and the usual power number correlation, the amount of power required by the impellers for each unit is:

N=1750 RPM Radial Process Intensifiers Axial Process Intensifiers
  Lightnin LTR Hayward Gordon HGR Lightnin LTA Hayward Gordon HGA
Click on any picture for a bigger picture ltr model.jpg (58598 bytes) hgr model.jpg (51967 bytes) lta model.jpg (56180 bytes) hga model.jpg (58588 bytes)
0 GPM 4.9 (3.7) 6.5 (4.8) 0.27 (0.20) 1.40 (1.04)
650 GPM 4.9 (3.7) 6.5 (4.8) 0.28 (0.21) 1.40 (1.04)
1100 GPM 5.2 (3.9) 7.4 (5.5) 0.30 (0.22) 1.42 (1.06)
Motor Power 7.5 HP 10 HP 0.5 HP 2 HP
Table 2: Power consumptions in HP (kW) at N=1750 RPM and water. The size of the motor is estimated in horsepower.

The power draw of the Process Intensifiers with axial impellers is about an order of magnitude less than the two designs with radial impellers. The size of the motor is an indicator of the cost of each unit. A 0.5 HP unit will be less costly than a 10 HP unit. Just the same, it is amazing that any of these small units can agitate up to 1.584 Million Gallons (6 Million Liters) per day (at 1100 GPM (250 m3/hr)).

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