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CFD Solid Shapes

This is a continuation of the Process Intensifier - Optimization with CFD: Part 1 paper.


CFD model shapes Radial Process Intensifier Axial Process Intensifier
  Model LTR Model LTA
Hayward Gordon
  Model HGR Model HGA
Figure 5: CFD model shapes of the 4 Process Intensifiers studied in this project. All were enclosed in a 10" (254 mm) Schedule 40 pipe. Flow rates studied were 0, 650 (148 m3/hr), and 1100 GPM (250 m3/hr) and come from the right. Impeller speed was 1750 RPM. The tan objects are stationary surfaces. The red object is the top of the T-pipe section. The shaft is blue and the impellers are green. The rotating reference frame tightly surrounds each impeller individually.

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