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650 GPM

This is a continuation of the Process Intensifier - Optimization with CFD: Part 1 paper.


Description Click any of these example pictures for the animation MB Device Model Q N Fluid
This is a composite video clip showing where in the pipe the tube slices are being shown. This video shows the velocity vectors as the fluid proceeds from the beginning of the pipe to the end. Notice the swirl at the end of the pipe! 4.135 hgr model.jpg (51967 bytes) HGR 650 1750 Water
Thumbnail size movie images/hgr_tube_650_codec_186x100.avi 0.280          
images/hgr_tube_650_codec_363x200.avi 0.369          
  images/hgr_tube_650_codec_558x300.avi 0.748          
  images/hgr_tube_650_mpeg4-1.avi 0.495          
  images/hgr_tube_650_mpeg4-2.avi 0.486          
  images/hgr_tube_650_mpeg4-1.avi 1.211          
  images/hgr_tube_650_rle4.avi 3.063          
  images/hgr_tube_650_videor.avi 0.720          
Vertical slices from back to front. images/lta_vert_1100.avi 5.288   LTA 1100 1750 Water
  images/lta_vert_1100_2.avi 1.508          

Make sure you have a program installed to watch movies. These are .avi files. Quick Time Player and Windows Media Player work fine. You can freeze the movie at any time to take time and analyze the velocity vectors and the resulting flow pattern.

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