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SX Pumper

The pumping tank or pump-box needs to be constructed for the CFD program. One of the beauties of CFD is that scale-up is not required, since you input the actual geometries. Here is an example of a Pumper Stage as a cylindrical vertical tank and its terminology. The shape of the tank can be virtually anything, including square tanks, commonly found in older SX plants.

Description of a CFD model for a SX pumper box Some of the more important nomenclature
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These two figures show a straight bladed turbine, which is the easiest pumper to model. Any design of pumper can be modeled, for example a 6-bladed pumper with curved blades like the Lightnin R320 or the Philadelphia Mixers CBT-6. There is no literature data on these impellers. They must be determined. This could be done in small scale experimental studies with actual fluids, or as here with a CFD study. The design of the pumper blades is required, or they can be invented on the fly!

CFD models of two curved bladed pumpers
CFD models of another pumper Schematic of a curved bladed pumper

Dimensionless Numbers

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