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Mixing Definition

Definition of mix (mixing)

Industrial fluid mixing is the motion and/or contacting of a single or multiphase process with a liquid continuous phase to achieve a desired process result. Dr. Thomas Post
to combine or blend into one mass Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary
to bring into close association
to intermingle Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 4th Edition, edited by J. Grant (1972), McGraw Hill, New York
a physical mixture of substances, applied to rubber, etc.
Syn. blend, mingle, confuse, unite, join, compound, combine, commix, intermix, immix, commingle, intermingle, shuffle, confound, incorporate, associate, medicate, amalgamate, adulterate, infiltrate, alloy. A Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, by J. Devlin (1961), Fawcett Popular Library, New York
Ant.  purify, separate, sift, eliminate, exclude, simplify, adjust, regulate, systematize, arrange, decompose, decompound, dissolve, disintegrate, disperse, unravel, resolve into elements, analyze, untangle, untwine, sort, sort out, remove, segregate, sunder, sever, part, disjoin, divide, detach, disconnect, disengage, disunite, discriminate, dissociate, assort, classify.
to put different things together so that the substances etc. are no longer distinct, to make or prepare (a thing) by doing this.  Oxford American Dictionary, by E. Ehrlich, S.B. Flexner, G. Carruth, and J.M. Hawkins (1980), Avon Books, New York
to be capable of being blended, oil will not mix with water.
to blend, fuse, merge, coalesce, brew, unite, combine, cross, interbreed, amalgamate, incorporate, alloy, mingle, compound, intermingle, weave, interweave, throw together, adulterate, infiltrate, twine, knead, stir, suffuse, instill, transfuse, synthesize, stir around, infuse, saturate, dye, season Webster's New World Thesaurus, by C. Laird (1995), Pocket Star Books, New York
Mixing is one of the operations applied most frequently in the chemical industry, both as an independent operation with the object of obtaining homogeneity of a mixture, and as a means of increasing the contact surface in other operations (such as absorption, extraction or drying). Mixing in the Chemical Industry, by Z. Sterbacek and P. Tausk (1965), Pergamon Press, Oxford
Mixing is a widely practiced operation; it occurs whenever fluids are moved in the conduits and vessels of laboratory and industrial-processing equipment. Mixing: Theory and Practice, Volume 1, edited by Vincent W. Uhl and Joseph B. Gray (1966), Academic Press, New York
Mixing is of interest not only when it results in the dispersion of one compound in another, but also when it is an agency for the promotion of heat transfer, mass transfer, solid suspension, and reaction.
... mixing is usually only a means to accomplish another operation such as blending, dispersion, extraction, heat transfer, or a chemical reaction ... Liquid Mixing and Processing in Stirred Tanks, by F.A. Holland and F.S. Chapman (1966), Reinhold Publishing Corp., New York
...mixing is an integral part of all chemical processing.

Definition of mixture

Substances that are mixed, but not chemically combined. Mixtures are nonhomogeneous, and may be separated mechanically. Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 4th Edition, edited by J. Grant (1972), McGraw Hill, New York
A kind or sample of matter containing two or more substances that are not chemically united, and can therefore be separated by taking advantage of differences in their physical properties, such as solubility in a solvent, difference in boiling point or freezing point, etc. The Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 5th Edition, A. Rose and E. Rose (1956) Reinhold Publishing Co., New York
Substance whose ingredients can be separated by physical means. Concise Chemical and Technical Dictionary, edited by H. Bennett (1962), Chemical Publishing Co., New York
Mixtures consist of two or more substances intermingled with no constant percentage composition, and with each component retaining its essential original properties. CRC Hanbook of Chemistry and Physics, 57th Edition, edited by R.C. Weast (1976) Chemical Rubber Publishing Co., Cleveland

Definition of mixer

an instrument used to mix materials, blender, food processor, juicer, egg beater, cake mixer, food mixer, cocktail shaker, converter, carburetor, cement mixer, paint mixer Webster's New World Thesaurus, by C. Laird (1995), Pocket Star Books, New York
A fluid mixer is a device usually consisting of a drive mechanism, a shaft and one or more impellers mounted on the shaft. A Guide To Fluid Mixing, 3. edition, by J.Y. Oldshue, N.R. Herbst, and T.A. Post (1995), Lightnin, Rochester, NY

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