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Micro level mixing - Chemical processing

Micro-level mixing topics covered here are flow related "chemical" processes. These are processes that we can't see with our eyes, but we can measure. Examples are processes that happen in the boundary layers at the vessels walls, such as heat transfer and electrochemical mass transfer. Examples are heat transfer to the coils or the tank jacket.

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  1. Geometrical influences on local and total mass and heat transfer in an agitated tank: This is the 343 page doctoral thesis of Dr. Post. The electrochemical method was used to derive the heat transfer coefficients. 124 different geometries were tested. Impellers included single and dual Pfaudler impellers with and without D- and F-baffles, single and dual Rushton Turbines with and without standard baffles, anchors, 1.5 pitch propellers with and without standard baffles, single and dual pitched bladed turbines (PBT) with and without standard baffles, and single and dual flat bladed turbines (paddles without the disk) with 4 or 6 blades and with or without standard baffles. The effect of the bottom was also studied: dished bottom (German Klöpperboden (Kloepperboden)) or a flat bottom tank.

    The thesis is for sale as a paperback book for $35.00 excluding any applicable taxes and shipping and handling while supplies last. If interested please contact us.

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