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Writing or Auditing Specs (Specifications)

If you are involved in a major project, most likely your company has hired the services of an engineering company. They will write specifications (specs) so that potential mixing suppliers can quote their products in a fashion so that it makes it easier for you to compare selections. If you are not a mixing expert, and the majority of engineers are not, this can be a daunting task, because based on the specs, and the quotes from many suppliers, how will you know which one will work and which will fall short of what you want? Price differences alone do not make for good mixer selections.

If you send specs out to 6 companies/consultants, you will most likely get at least 6 different designs or concepts. This is normal, unless you ask for a mechanical specification, where the mixer is explained in detail in the spec and the potential suppliers need just to build the mixer. This means that whoever wrote your spec knows exactly what you need. This is often the case in the waste-water/clean water industry. But if the spec is a process specification, i.e., "The impeller shall be able to suspend 200 micron particles off-bottom (and the physical properties are printed out on the spec)", then each bidder will most likely offer something different. How shall you know which quote is over-kill, insufficient for the task, or just right? That is where Post Mixing can help by auditing the bundle of quotes after their deadlines and assist you in making the best choice.

Post Mixing can also help you or your engineering company write the specs in the first place. After learning about your process requirements, we know exactly what your process needs. Often engineering companies are not up to speed on their mixing, either, and too many safety factors can make a mixing project get too expensive. Let us help you write the specs.

And if you or your engineering company love writing specs, you can have us look it over (audit) before you send it out, to make sure that what they are asking for, indeed will get the job done.


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