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Purchasing Assistance

Which mixer should we purchase?

You need a new mixer or you need to replace an older one. Your engineers have put out inquiries and now the quotes are on your desk. Each of your engineers has a favorite mixing vendor and now you need to figure out which of these proposals not only gives you the best value, but will do the proposed job, too! 

Its amazing, isn't it? You have 4 quotes with 4 completely different offerings and 4 different prices, for the same process application! Let's face it, you are not the mixing expert. Do you choose the lowest bidder or do you choose the best value and how do you determine that? Each mixer vendor will consider their approach the best! Have Post Mixing help you make the right decision.

It really is amazing how often someone is in this position! Whether you are a purchaser, a manager, or an engineer, get an unbiased second opinion before you spend too much time and money on the wrong item.

Key Benefits

  • We know mixing and we know the industry. We can look at your process and help you decide which mixer is right for the job.
  • We know what you can ask for in an inquiry. We can help put a spec together.
  • We can help you negotiate a better deal.
  • We can analyze your offerings and help you determine the best value for your application.

If this describes your project and you would like us to contact you, please use the following form.


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