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Turbo Ruehrwerke

If you are planning a mixing project, expansion, or service in the Germanic speaking countries, you have to take a look at Turbo Rührwerke. The web site is in German and if you need a translation, give us a call and Tom can help you out. Originally, the team came from the Turbo-LIGHTNIN group after it dissolved in 1993. They service all types of mixers, including those from LIGHTNIN, Turbo-Müller, and Jesse. They also make their own mixers up to about 20 Hp. One of Tom's personal favorites is the BOF. We can vouch for this company. If you give them a call, ask for Carsten Dettbarn, who speaks perfect English and knows mixing.

Because so many users of the internet do not have German Umlauts Turbo Rührwerke may also be spelled as Turbo Ruehrwerke (e after the u) or just Turbo Ruhrwerke. The same goes for Turbo-Müller. It could also be spelled as Turbo-Mueller or Turbo-Muller.

Here are some more examples from Turbo Rührwerke that are not on their website.

Installation and Service

Installing a large rubber coated impeller.

Some Products

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sideentry_s.jpg (26498 bytes) stativ_s.jpg (27175 bytes) xlbs_s.jpg (19521 bytes)
Hand mixer Explosion proof 20 HP NFL 12 for a large Bavarian chemical company 15 Hp Side-entry mixer 7.5 Hp Mixer assembly (stand) for a large chemical company on the Rhein 20 Hp Lineblender including tank (mixing in a pipe network)

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